Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Taking a break...

I'm burnt out.. Taking a small hiatus...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rumer Willis is ugly.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are living proof that two gorgeous people, do not necessarily make a beautiful child. I know it's harsh, but damn this girl is ugly.
Fuck. I mean you'd think that maybe she would get a hairstyle that played down the size of that big ass face. Ugh. At least she got rid of the blonde. Wait. Maybe she looked less ugly like that.

Is Lindsay Lohan engaged?

No. I refuse to believe the silly rumors going around about Lindsay. If I were famous, I would totally date someone for like a week and then start wearing a fat rock, just to stir shit up.
Linds is probably doing the same thing. Get out of my head Lindsay.

La Lohan is shopping where?

Dood. Something must have gotten lodged into Lindsay's fat-head, because the bitch is shopping at Forever 21. Uh, excuse me?
Yes. After making her rounds yesterday throughout Los Angeles, La Lohan ended up at The Grove - not bad - but then proceeded into Forever 21. Alright. You know, a girl like me shops at that place, not Lindsay. I don't even think Britney Spears would shop at that place.
Uh. Stupid Utah has changed our girl forever. And oh yeah, the boob shot? That's awesome.

Britney's Blackout not doing as well as expected...

The anticipation of Britney's new album is less than it should be. I guess - I don't guess, I read this - that the pre-sale of her album is not doing well.
I don't know why. Her music isn't highly original, but it's fun. Always. Brit, or I should say her producers, always deliver.
I'll be buying it. October 30th peeps.

Heidi and Spencer lack so much, but I love them.

I wouldn't even know where to begin with this one. I'm all out of energy for the day, but I could not let this go by...
Spencer and Heidi decided to film her music video Thursday in Los Angeles. You like how Spencer is filming the thing. It feels somewhat amateur-pornish, no? Yes.
What will they do next? Fuck! They were doing publicity at Taco Bell earlier this week. And then this. This is why I love them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deshawn Stevenson has an unhealthy obsession for Lindsay...

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Jeebus. It's sooo good to see someone else that has an obsession for Lindsay Lohan. It makes me feel sane again, ya know? Or wait, it might make me feel creepier...
Deshawn Stevenson who plays basketball for the Washington Wizards is apparently offering up about 10K, just for her digits. Wait, what?!
Here's what he posted on his myspace page:

I Got A Couple Ppl On The Lindsay LoHan Deal………………. But Im Giving Somebody 10 Stacks If They Hook That Sh*t Up…………….. 4 U Slow Ppl 10 Thousand Dollars 2 The First Muthaf*cker Get Me The Contact 4 Her!!!!!!! Before My Ppl Get The Number They Moving 2 Slow 4 Me So Holla At Yo Boy If U Need That 10,000 Grand!!!!!!!!! U Kno I Need That White Girl Lindsay Lohan…………. First N*gga Or Female Get Me That Sh*t I Wire That Money Str8 2 Ur Account Hit Me On Email If U Got The Real Sh*t!!!!!!! TwoFamily@mac.com………………… Yadddddaaaaa Boy

Hell yea boy. I don't know how I would feel if someone was trying to track my shit down like that, they'd probably pay about 50 cents.

Spears, Spears, Spears.

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Fuckin-A Britney. Come on. She seriously can't do anything right.
Britney has now lost all visitation rights with Jayden James and Sean Preston. Damn. That is not good. I keep defending the cheeto-eating bitch, but she just keeps doing dumb shit.
The only logical explanation as to why she would have lost all visitation rights would be because she failed the drug and alcohol test.

Lindsay is looking for a new apartment.

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Ew. Can I just say that I am not a fan of the lumberjack-plaid that's going on these days? Alright, I'll probably be wearin the shit in like two months - after it's grown on me - and it'll totally be out of style by then. Whatevs, Linds is rockin it.
La Lohan is in the market for a new apartment. Apparently the house and the apartment she owns are not enough. Where the hell is Dina? Do you think that by getting sober Linds realized that Dina is a crazy publicity hungry bitch? And where's MIchael?
Ooooh Lindsay.

Kirsten Dunst smells?

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I don't know that I believe this, but I like it. Kirsten Dunst seems mellow. She's not always all glammed out, she stays out of the press and she just looks like a hippie. That equals mellow, right?
Well, apparently her friends are saying that she smells. An insider at Star Magazine says:
“Kirsten’s friends have nicknamed her ‘Stinky.’ She always has the worst body odor!” But [stylist] Weiss says that’s an easy one to fix. “She should make sure to always wear tank tops so she can wash her underarms often when she’s out.”

Uh, I dig the need to be different. I dig her far from perfect teeth. But when you smell, that's just wrong. Gross.